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About us

About Us

Scruffy TV is an online Live Streaming and On-Demand Entertainment TV Network promoting Artists, Music and Live Events. We offer a vibrant platform of Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment for Enthusiasts.


Our Vision

At Scruffy TV, we are on a mission to redefine your Entertainment experience. Our vision is to blend Streaming, Creativity, Rhythms, Upbeat vibes, Funky beats, loads of Fun, for You. We are all about celebrating the artistry, diversity and rhythm that music and lifestyle brings to our lives.


What We Offer

  • Live Streaming: Tune in to live events, concerts and exclusive shows.
  • On-Demand Videos: Enjoy a vast library of videos from the latest hits to timeless classics.
  • Advertising Opportunities: For both users and businesses, our platform provides a stage to promote your brand and reach your audience.
  • Merchandise Store: Explore our partnership with 8T Clothing for exclusive Scruffy TV Gear that lets you wear your passion.


Who We Serve

Scruffy TV is more than just a platform; it is a community. We welcome individuals and artists to join us as regular users or elevate their experience as paid Pro Users. Our community is global but our heart beats for the United Kingdom, the Caribbean and Africa. We blend these rich cultural influences with other global vibes to create a unique and unforgettable entertainment platform.


Join Us

Scruffy TV isn't just a platform; it is a movement. We invite you to be part of this unique platform where Music, Lifestyle and Entertainment come alive like never before. So, whether you're a Music Enthusiast, an Artist looking for a stage or a Business seeking to connect with your audience, Scruffy TV is your destination.

Get ready to groove, laugh and embrace the Rhythm of life with Scruffy TV. Your Entertainment, your way!


A Word from Our Founder

“I am Greggar Deterville, an Entrepreneur and Founder with a background deeply rooted in Sales and Marketing. Hailing from the United Kingdom and proudly representing Saint Lucia, I serve as the CEO of Carpet Media Group an organization dedicated to providing innovative marketing solutions for startups and businesses. I am proud to welcome you to Scruffy TV a media platform launched in 2010 which has evolved over the years to an Entertainment TV Network”